Traditional Crown Vs. Same-Day Crown: A Comparison

Traditional Crown Vs. Same-Day Crown: A Comparison

Jul 01, 2021

Modern dentistry offers various options for preventive and restorative dentistry. With regular usage, trauma, or aging, the teeth tend to lose their vitality and appearance. Even cosmetic dentistry can rejuvenate your smile and enhance the otherwise dull smile. Dental crowns offer an excellent option for dentists to treat various dental ailments. You may opt for a same-day crown in Jackson, MI, to correct your smile and dental flaws.

Understanding Dental Crown

Dental crowns are a protective covering for the teeth. Crowns act as a cap for impacted or damaged teeth and strengthen a worn-out tooth. Crowns are made from porcelain or composite resin materials and are not easily distinguishable from natural teeth. However, metal crowns can be used for molars and premolars as they are deep inside the oral cavity.

A dental crown can protect a decayed tooth and prevent a cracked tooth from breaking. Crowns might also restore a severely worn-out tooth. Often dental fillings can make a decayed tooth weaker, and crowns can support a large dental filling.

Crowns can be used in combination with other dental prostheses as a bridge and dental implants. Dental fillings are not suitable for children, and a pediatric dentist might use crowns as a substitute for dental crowns. Administering crowns is a non-invasive process and can be completed in a single visit to the dental office. You do not need to lose a substantial part of the enamel to place the crowns. Pediatric dentists also prefer crowns as this pain-less procedure nullifies the use of anesthesia, and the oral health of children can be improved.

Types of Dental Crown

For years, dentists recommend and administer dental crowns to provide a flawless smile and protect the natural teeth. Depending on the material and location of the tooth, dental crowns can be differentiated into:

Temporary Crown

As the name suggests, a temporary crown is prepared to be used for a short period. Temporary crowns are easily removable and are not as strong as permanent crowns. The dentist places the temporary crown on the affected tooth through adhesive and can be removed once the custom-made permanent crown is available.

Same-day Crown

Same-day crowns are administered on the same day of the appointment to the dentist and are made instantly from a block of ceramic involving the computer-aided design. You cannot have options of metal or ceramic for same-day crowns and are not long-lasting.

Traditional Crown

Traditional dental crowns are custom-made dental caps from ceramic, composite resin, or metals. Getting a traditional crown requires two visits to the dentist and is long-lasting.

Traditional Crown Vs. Same-Day Crown

Apart from the names, there are numerous differences between the same-day crown and traditional crowns.


You cannot have an option of other material apart from ceramics while choosing a same-day crown. On the contrary, traditional crowns can be made from ceramic, metal, or composite resin.


Traditional crowns take two visits to the dental clinic, the first to take an impression of the teeth and the second to shape the crown to restore the functionality of natural teeth.


Traditional crowns are custom-made in the laboratory and are more durable than the instantly-made same-day crown. The variety of materials used in conventional crowns are also more.

Aesthetic value

Although same-day crowns are made from ceramics, they lack minute details and are not as appealing as traditional crowns.

Which is Better? Traditional Crown or Same-Day Crown?

Apart from the same-day delivery, the same-day crowns lack all the advantages of the traditional crowns. The traditional crowns are more durable, stronger, and aesthetically more acceptable than the same-day crowns. Same-day crowns do not fit well in the mouth and might cause cuts and infection. Traditional crowns promote better oral health, and cleaning the crowns does not require additional efforts apart from regular brushing and flossing.

You may consult dentists at Summit Wood Dental in Jackson, MI, and know in detail about dental crown procedures. You can expect a flexible payment option at Summit Wood Dental. We have been providing unparalleled dental care since 1976. With state-of-art technologies and comprehensive service, you can expect complete oral care here. You may book an appointment and get same-day or traditional crowns as per your choice and need.

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