Periodontal Treatment In Jackson, MI

Have you visited the dentist for an exam lately? Early diagnosis can help prevent periodontal disease from effectively spreading.

Although tooth loss could be a result of aging, it’s not always necessary that you should lose all your teeth with age. By properly caring for your teeth, gums, and other structures in your oral cavity, you can preserve your natural teeth for a longer time.

Gum disease is caused due to bacterial infection that spreads to the gum tissue and bone that hold teeth in place. When these structures deteriorate, there is a high risk of tooth loss. Summit Woods Family Dental Care explains different types of periodontal treatments available near you.

Periodontal treatments in Jackson, MI may be surgical or non-surgical, depending on the severity of the problem.

Scaling and Root planing Treatment for Gum Disease

We will first numb the area with a local anesthetic gel. Our dentist at Summit Woods Family Dental Care will use hand-scalers and/or ultrasonic instruments to remove tartar and calculus (hardened forms of plaque) from deep under the gum line. Since the dentist is unable to see below the gum line, they use touch to identify spots with tartar growth.

Ultrasonic instruments work with a vibrating tip that scale away tartar and wash it away at the same away to keep the oral cavity free from debris. Root planing involves smoothening down rough gum areas to discourage the growth of bacteria. The procedure is painless and can be completed in a single sitting for most patients.

You may experience slight soreness after treatment, but this will disappear quickly. Visit a reputed dentist to get an accurate diagnosis.

Periodontal Laser Treatment

Laser treatment for periodontal disease is a modern option that offers multiple benefits to patients:

  • No cutting away and stitching of gum tissue
  • Reduces sensitivity and exposure of tooth root
  • Less gum tissue shrinkage
  • No cutting away and stitching of gum tissue

Patients who have gum pockets that measure deeper than 5mm are ideal candidates for laser therapy. Contact Summit Woods Family Dental Care today for effective and painless periodontal treatment in Jackson, MI.

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