Oral Cancer Screenings In Jackson, MI

When someone visits the dentist, it is often to have their teeth cleaned or to assess potential damage and decay to the teeth and gums. Few realize that a dental office can also be a significant place for potentially diagnosing more serious health conditions like oral cancer.

At Summit Woods Family Dental Care, our dentist in Jackson, MI perform comprehensive oral cancer screenings for our patients. This assessment helps you figure out if you are at risk of developing this dangerous disease and also searches for the signs and symptoms of it.

Because anyone can develop cancer at any time, it is important to visit on a regular basis to assess overall health and wellness.

Who Is at Risk?

A common concern for our patients is learning whether or not they could be at risk of developing oral cancer. In general, it should be noted that anyone can develop cancer because of the nature of the disease. However, certain demographics are more at risk than others.

If you meet at least one of the following conditions, then we recommend seeing our specialist at least twice a year for regular exams. You are more at risk than the average individual.

  • You have had any type of cancer in the past
  • A close relative (parent, grandparent, sibling, child) has had oral cancer
  • You consume tobacco products of any kind (particularly chewing tobacco)
  • You consume alcohol more than four times a week
  • You smoke substances of any kind

Are Oral Cancer Screenings Invasive?

Due to modern technology, the average screening can be completed in ten minutes and does not involve invasive machinery or tools. Instead, our dentist uses specialized equipment like a light that shines a different color when exposing irregular tissues and cells, as well as their hands.

Most screenings are visual with little hands-on work.

How to Schedule One

One of the most convenient aspects of an oral cancer screening at Summit Woods Family Dental Care is how the procedure can be added to the majority of other treatments. For example, our oral cancer screenings near you in Jackson, MI can be included with regular cleaning and exam as a form of preventive oral healthcare.

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