Dental Extractions In Jackson, MI

Crowding, impaction, irreparable damage, trauma, and disease can all lead to necessary tooth removal. But keep in mind, your dentist will only do so in cases where the impaired tooth/teeth cannot be saved. The severity of the problem and complexity of the procedure will determine if either a simple or surgical extraction is in order.

Common Reasons For Dental Extractions

Cavities, infections, gum disease are all reasons why teeth must be removed. In addition, extractions are also performed to prepare for orthodontic treatment. The size, shape, and location of the damaged tooth will determine the type of extraction. If a tooth can be removed in one piece and is above the gum line, then it is likely a simple extraction. This can be handled by your dentist. However, an oral surgeon is needed for extractions that require removal of bone or gum tissue. Also, a surgeon is required if the tooth broken is in multiple pieces.

The Tooth Removal Process

Prior to your extraction, your Jackson, MI dentist, or oral surgeon will numb the treatment area. While you may still experience slight pressure, you should feel no pain. Whether simple or surgical, tooth removal is a routine procedure that you should not fear. At Summit Woods Family Dental Care, we will do everything possible to ensure your comfort.

Before any procedure at Summit Woods Family Dental Care, you will be asked to provide your complete medical history. This will include any medications and supplements you are currently taking. Sometimes, meds must be stopped or prescribed prior to surgery. For example, if you take a blood thinner, you will be advised to stop usage leading up to your extraction. If not, you could hemorrhage. Sutures may be used in conjunction with gauze and cold presses to control any post-op bleeding and swelling. Also, you may be sent home with antibiotics to ward off or stop an infection. To find out more about tooth extraction near you, contact Summit Woods Family Dental Care today.

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Immediately following your extraction, you should refrain from disturbing an empty tooth socket. It is important that blood clotting not be disturbed. This is an important step in the healing process. If you still experience discomfort a couple of days after the procedure, contact our dental office immediately.

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