Same-Day Crowns 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Them

Same-Day Crowns 101: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Them

Nov 11, 2020

If you have severely worn out, broken, or cracked teeth, a dental crown can offer a great solution. These are fixed caps on the teeth to restore the size, shape, color, and appearance of the teeth.

These crowns are great. However, they tend to take longer to make (about three to four weeks). This is an inconvenience for people who don’t have the time to wait for the permanent teeth. That is why we have same-day dental crowns in Jackson, MI. These crowns are created on the same dental visit.

What are Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns are caps made of ceramic. They perform similarly to the traditional crowns, but the treatment is fast and simple. Dental crowns are used when you have severely worn out, malformed, and broken teeth.

Same-Day Dental Crowns Vs. Traditional Ones

Both of these types address the same dental problems. However, the difference comes in the material used and the time of the procedure. The traditional crowns are made of metal and porcelain, which are durable. However, these crowns take time to make, around three weeks.

Same-day crowns are made of ceramic, which is effective but not as durable as the traditional one.

However, the process of fixing crowns is similar. The dentist will trim your enamel to make room for the crowns. The amount trimmed will depend on the thickness of the crowns. This process of reshaping the enamel is irreversible. It is important to discuss your treatment options with the dentist.

How Are the Crowns Made?

We use the CEREC dental technology. CEREC (Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) is a technology that enables the dentist to make the dental crown in a single visit. This system allows our dentist in Jackson, MI, to make custom-made crowns in hours instead of weeks.

CEREC uses a computer-aided system that includes milling equipment, camera, and computer. The process begins by taking a digital scan of your dental impressions of the affected teeth. The system also produces a series of plans for the treatment. The dentist will show you images of your teeth and the expected results of the treatment.

Next, the milling equipment will recreate the dental crowns automatically. Finally, the crowns are bonded to the teeth surface.

What Are the Benefits of Same-Day Crowns?

Same-day crowns in Jackson, MI, offer great benefits.

  • They are convenient and saves time. Since they are made on the dental visit, you don’t have to keep coming to the dentist.
  • Less discomfort. The CEREC system takes digital 3D scans of your teeth. This means you will not experience the discomfort of taking dental impressions. Also, you will get accurate dental impressions for creating customized dental crowns.
  • No temporary crowns. Once the dentist reshapes your enamel, you need temporary crowns to protect your teeth from sensitivity. These temporary crowns can get loose and expose the teeth. The same-day crowns do not have that.

Any Disadvantages of Using Same-Day Crowns?

Despite their effectiveness, same-day crowns have their drawbacks:

  • They are less durable since they are made of ceramic. The traditional crowns are made of porcelain or metals, which are durable and long-lasting. You can extend the lifespan of the same-day crowns if you take care of them well.
  • The CEREC system cannot detect a fracture that lies underneath the gums. When your teeth fracture, sometimes it can extend to the gums, and the system may not be able to establish it like the traditional assessment.

How to Care for the Same-Day Crowns?

You might experience numbing and discomfort after the crowns are fixed. Ensure you do not take any cold or hot drinks to reduce the sensitivity.

Also, avoid grinding your teeth. The crown will need time to fuse correctly, and clenching your teeth can compromise the crowns’ integrity.

Avoid taking hard and sticky foods after the crowns are fixed for at least a day, especially a root canal procedure was done.

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