Problems Linked with Mail-Order Teeth Straightening

Problems Linked with Mail-Order Teeth Straightening

Jan 01, 2022

A large population of the world today has misaligned teeth. The numbers are high because they account for both children and adults. Usually, our dental team at Summit Wood Dental recommends teeth straightening for children at an early age to reduce the cases of malocclusions in adult life. Thankfully, there are several alternatives you can try out for straightening your teeth, regardless of your age.

​What Are Mail-Order Teeth Straightening Aligners?

They are types of teeth aligners that help straighten your teeth at home, evading the inconvenient and rather costly trips to an orthodontist near you. Technically, orthodontic dental visits can be pricey, and treatment may often take time. Mail-order teeth straightening tries to promote convenience while significantly lowering the costs of teeth straightening treatments.

Using Mail-Order Teeth Straightening Aligners

Mail-order teeth-straightening aligners mimic Invisalign® aligners in orthodontics. Usually, you need to take impressions of your mouth to allow for the creation of your aligners, similar to how you need an Invisalign dentist in Jackson to take impressions of your mouth for the creation of Invisalign braces. The difference is that with mail-order aligners, you use an at-home kit to take impressions of your teeth, while for Invisalign, you must visit an orthodontist for the same procedure.

The impressions you take help determine whether you are a suitable candidate for mail-order aligners. If so, the aligners for straightening your teeth will be mailed to you, created after the impressions you sent. The aligners come with instructions for how long you should wear them to transform your smile. In seemingly shorter steps and processes, you get a straightened smile at almost half the price of standard orthodontic procedures in dentistry.

Is There Any Disadvantage of Mail-Order Teeth Aligners?

Anytime you are looking for an alternative to avoid visiting a dental expert, there will be consequences you must bear. Ideally, the place of a dental expert is not just to offer you information that you do not have. Instead, they get to work with you through your treatment, ensuring high safety standards and optimal effectiveness of all procedures. Some of the major disadvantages of mail-order aligners include the following:

  1. Lack of monitoring – The success of any medical procedure relies on consistent professional monitoring. As the bone structure of your mouth changes to support the movement of your teeth, you need a professional to monitor the process. Otherwise, unless you have any educational background in dental work, you may not know what is happening in your mouth at different stages of teeth movement.
  2. Low safety standards – Any medical intervention introduces certain risks to your health. Even the art of moving your teeth can complicate things for your dental health. Besides, you must understand that orthodontics not only focuses on shifting your teeth but also on realigning bone structure.
  3. Lack of tailored treatments – The beauty of orthodontics is that the treatment you undergo is tailored uniquely for your mouth. Mail-order aligners are made after the impressions of your mouth. However, it does not mean that the treatment is customized for your unique dental needs. Therefore, through your at-home treatment, you may not address other orthodontic issues you may have alongside moving your teeth.
  4. It is not for everyone – Before you can be accepted as a suitable candidate to receive mail-order aligners, the company involved must review the impressions of your mouth. Many people may not qualify if they have other dental issues or have undergone previous dental procedures. For example, patients with dental implants may be disqualified for the treatment.
  5. Inability to access other than to problems -By just sending the impressions of your teeth, there is not much information that the company for your aligners can gather. For example, if you have any signs of gum disease, you may still be qualified to undertake the treatment, even though your gums are not healthy. It could be a problem if your gum infection becomes serious enough to affect the jaw bone, as is typical of periodontitis.

Cost of Mail-Order Teeth Straightening

The initial cost of mail-order teeth aligners is lower than that of typical orthodontic aligners like Invisalign. Without the frequent dental visits and procedures, the cost of most mail-order aligners ranges between $1,145 and $1,900, differing from one company to another.

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