Information Parents Must Have for Managing Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Information Parents Must Have for Managing Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Aug 01, 2020

Dental accidents do not pre-warn anyone and can happen at any time. Children with permanent teeth are prone to injuring themselves in the mouth when playing at home or in the school. Dental emergencies being what they are, need prompt treatment regardless of whether the crisis affects a child or an adult.

Parents will have difficulties understanding what they should do when their child encounters a dental emergency. Rushing to the family dentist to help the child would be high on the minds of the affected child’s parents. In such cases, it would be beneficial if parents attempted to understand how to manage the dental emergency affecting the child. When parents are uncertain about how to manage a pediatric dental emergency, they should contact an emergency pediatric dentist near them right away because it can mean the difference between preserving or losing the child’s permanent tooth.

Continue reading about the frequently asked questions by parents about pediatric dental emergencies.

What Actions to Take When the Child Knocks out His or Her Tooth?

Parents must ensure the child does not have a severe injury and must not hesitate to call 911 if necessary. A knocked-out permanent tooth must be kept moist by placing it in a cup of milk or by using products for preserving the tooth approved by the ADA. Getting to the pediatric dentist’s office in the shortest possible time is a requirement to ensure the dentist can reinsert the tooth into its socket.

What If a Child Cracks a Tooth?

The mouth of the child must be rinsed with warm water immediately to clean the area, and cold compresses must be used on the face to reduce swelling. Visiting the emergency pediatric dentist as soon as possible is a requirement that mustn’t be overlooked.

How to Treat Bites on the Child’s Tongue or Clip?

If your child bites his or her tongue or lips, the area should be cleaned gently with water and a cold compress applied to reduce swelling. The child’s pediatric dentist must be called for an appointment for the treatment required.

How to Treat Toothaches in Children?

When a child complains about a toothache, the mouth should be rinsed with warm water, and a cold compress applied on the cheeks. Parents can use dental floss to remove any trapped food between the teeth but must refrain from putting aspirin on the child’s teeth or gums as it may burn the area. The child’s pediatric dentist must be contacted if the pain persists.

How to Manage a Broken Jaw?

A broken jaw can be managed by applying cold compresses on the area to control the swelling. The child’s emergency pediatric dentist must be contacted immediately for treatment, or a visit to an emergency room at a hospital becomes necessary.

How to Remove Objects Trapped in the Child’s Mouth or Teeth?

Dental floss is the best tool to remove objects stuck in the child’s mouth or teeth. Sharp or pointed instruments must not be used. If the trapped objects cannot be removed by dental floss, an appointment with the pediatric dentist must be scheduled immediately for treating the child promptly.

Safety Tips to Avoid Pediatric Dental Emergencies

As dental emergencies do not schedule appointments before affecting anyone, parents must be prepared to manage issues children can encounter during the day or night without panicking. Parents can prevent pediatric dental emergencies from occurring by using the following tips:

  • Their child wears a mouthguard and helmet whenever appropriate when participating in recreational activities or contact sports.
  • Never allow children to use their teeth to cut and open things. Children must be taught to use scissors under supervision.
  • Running around with objects like toothbrushes, pencils, and other material in their mouths should be prohibited because children can accidentally swallow them.
  • Parents must arrange for gates to block stairways and dangerous areas from young children.
  • The child must be taken to the pediatric dentist for six-monthly visits to ensure their teeth are healthy and robust.

Pediatric dentists can identify issues with the child’s teeth during routine exams and checkups. When any problems are detected, the pediatric dentist will create a customized treatment plan to make sure the child does not encounter any dental emergency.

Parents must bear in mind that children’s teeth are just as susceptible to injuries as adult teeth. Therefore they must be prepared for the emergency and manage it appropriately by keeping in mind the tips mentioned in this blog.

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