How to Know You Need Emergency Dentistry

How to Know You Need Emergency Dentistry

Sep 01, 2020

One of the most unfortunate things about dental health is that people tend to only seek emergency dental services when they have underlying dental issues. The problem is that they even wait it out, sometimes too long that the oral problem is progressed and has caused significant damage. Still, many people have a problem telling apart a typical dental problem from an oral emergency.

Although you should consider dental care early in advance, when you have an urgent dental issue, you cannot spare an extra second without visiting an emergency dentist near you. When it comes down to it, you cannot fully rely on your instincts to know whether you need a general dentist in Jackson MI or emergency dental care. read on to learn the differences thereof.

What Is Emergency Dentistry?

It is a specialty in dentistry that caters specifically to the dental needs of patients that have urgent oral problems. To qualify for emergency dental care, you must have a pressing dental problem that is rather urgent, and often severe. The seemingly small oral problems you may have are often the ones that graduate into emergency dental situations. Still, it may not be very obvious to you the difference between the two.

As the difference between an urgent and non-urgent dental problem continues to be hard to distinguish, some of the questions that should guide your evaluation are:

  1. How much pain are you experiencing? – often, emergency dental issues cause patients insurmountable pain. It can be as bad as to hold you back from going on with your daily life routines.
  2. How long have you experienced the problem? – this is especially a concern for when you are in pain. If your pain has been going on for a long period, there is no reason to hold yourself back from seeking dental treatment.
  3. Can you hold it off to a later time? – when you have an urgent problem, hardly are you able to hold it off to a later time.
  4. Is it getting worse? – if nothing else is measurable to you, consider the progression of the problem. Based on your evaluation of your problem over a particular problem, you should be able to determine whether the issue is manageable, or whether it progresses by the hour.

Signs You Need Emergency Dental Care

If you are having a hard time determining whether or not it is necessary for you to seek emergency dental service, consider the following signs as note-worthy for emergency dental care:

  1. Loose or missing tooth – if you are lucky, you will notice the looseness of your tooth soon. However, some patients miss this first sign and end up having a missing tooth. Either of the two should be considered an urgent dental problem.
  2. Excruciating toothache – one of the most common emergency oral problems is a toothache. Unlike a typical tooth discomfort, an emergency toothache is unsettling and aggravating. It can even cause other kinds of pain, including migraine headaches.
  3. Bleeding and painful gums – blood in your mouth is never a good sign. You want to check your gums and teeth to ensure you do not have any open wounds. Aside from that, check the state of your gums, whether they are tender, painful, and are bleeding. All these are tell-signs that you need to see a dentist as soon as possible.
  4. Swollen jaw – this can feature a variety of dental problems. for some, a toothache can be the cause of your swelling. For others, an injury on the jawbone can explain the swelling. Besides that, a swollen jaw can indicate a serious infection in your mouth. Whichever the reason, you may not know unless with an accurate diagnosis by your dentist.
  5. A canker sore that doesn’t heal – canker sores are not uncommon, but they should not be permanent. They often clear out after a couple of days. If you cannot say the same about your canker sore, then you need emergency treatment. you may have a serious case of gum disease or oral cancer. This is why you need to get it checked and treated appropriately as soon as possible.

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