Fluoride Treatment: Do You Fit to Be a Candidate?

Fluoride Treatment: Do You Fit to Be a Candidate?

Dec 01, 2021

Even with basic oral hygiene, plaque accumulates on your teeth. Plaque offers sites where bacteria can eat your teeth, leading to cavities, tooth decay, and consequent tooth loss if left untreated. To get rid of plaque accumulation, one needs to supplement routine mouth hygiene with a professional dental cleaning. Preventive fluoride treatment is better and easier than curing procedures.

Fluoride treatment is an in-office treatment procedure done by a professional dentist to prevent your teeth from cavity. Our dentist will apply high concentrations of fluoride in the form of a gel, solution, varnish, or foam. It helps remove the plaque on your tooth, making you smile with confidence.

These treatments have high doses of fluoride than the doses in your water or toothpaste. You can use high concentrations of fluoride at home, but only under specific dentist instruction since high concentrations of fluoride can be toxic.

Is Fluoride Treatment Right for You?

Professional fluoride treatment is right for everyone regardless of their age. It can be done on children and on adults too. If you are at risk of getting cavities, getting a dental fluorosis treatment at least twice a year is advisable. Since children are at a higher risk of getting cavities, it is recommended to take your kids for fluoride treatment every 3-6 months.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride has a lot of benefits to your teeth. Some of its benefits are:

  1. Delay the need for expensive dental work – Fluoride will restore minerals to your tooth surfaces where bacteria may have eroded the enamel. It will inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and prevents the development of cavities.
  2. Slows the development of cavities – Fluoride will create a stronger surface of your teeth which will help stop any decay on your tooth from getting into deeper parts of your teeth.
  3. Reduces the risk of cavity development – It reinforces the structure of the teeth, developing strengthened enamel of your teeth, making your teeth less susceptible to bacteria and cavities for life.
  4. Fluoride treatment will remove the plaque and tar on your teeth, making them whiter, and preventing the possible accumulation of bacteria that would lead to cavities.
  5. Other indirect benefits of fluoride treatment, which will result from slowing the growth of bacteria, are; reduced pain to your tooth, prevents premature loss of your teeth and prevents gum disease.

Like any other medical procedure, fluoride treatment has some side effects, which you should discuss with our dentist prior to the treatment. They include tooth discoloration, allergies, and toxic effects if applied on high dosses.

Aftercare Tips After Getting the Fluoride Treatment

After a dental fluorosis treatment, our dentist will advise you to take thirty minutes before you can eat something to make sure the treatment is done.

Your teeth and gum will become sensitive after treatment, and it is best that you avoid hot food for few hours before going back to eating as you desire. Other foods that you should avoid are citrus fruits (oranges, grapes, lemons, and limes) since they have high acidity levels, crunchy or hard foods, or any foodstuff that requires a lot of chewing and sugary drinks.

During the recovery period, you can eat hard-boiled eggs, soft food such as yogurt, banana, mashed potatoes, soup, and liquid foods

Other recommendations

  • After a Fluoride treatment in Jackson, MI, our dentist will tell you not to brush or floss your teeth for the next six hours as doing so might wipe off the fluoride before it is fully absorbed.
  • Avoid consuming alcoholic products.
  • Do not take another fluoride treatment for at least three days. Take another treatment when our dentist advises it

Summit Wood Popularity in Offering Fluoride Treatment

At Summit Wood, we have a qualified dentist to give you a dental fluoride treatment. We have been restoring smiles and taking care of our client’s teeth since 1976. Our dentists are properly vetted to make sure you get the best there is. Be assured of the correct fluoride dosses for your teeth when you walk through our door.

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