Five Reasons Why Adults Need Professional Fluoride Treatments

Five Reasons Why Adults Need Professional Fluoride Treatments

Oct 01, 2021

Do you recollect receiving regular fluoride treatments after dental exams and cleanings as a kid? During those developmental years, fluoride treatments strengthened your teeth to make them resistant to cavities as you enter adulthood. Unfortunately, if you think the benefits of fluoride disappear after you reach 18 years, you are undoubtedly mistaken. There are many benefits to continuing receiving fluoride treatments as adults from the dentist in Jackson, MI. This article looks at some reasons why you must consider asking for fluoride treatments during your next visit to your dentist.

Would you please continue reading this article to understand five important reasons why you need fluoride treatments even as an adult as a preventive measure against dental cavities?

1. Fluoride Strengthens Your Tooth Enamel

When the pH levels in your mouth lower significantly, your tooth enamel is comfortable to breakdown for the acids within. As a result, essential minerals like fluoride are lost by your tooth enamel, protecting your teeth. Fortunately, topical fluoride treatment in Jackson, MI, helps replenish the minerals lost to prevent or reverse tooth decay more significantly.

2. Aging Makes Your Teeth Susceptible to Tooth Decay

As you age, mineral loss and general wear and tear make your teeth thinner and brittle. Thankfully fluoride treatments can help lessen the effects of aging on your teeth. Eventually, the treatments make your teeth more robust and less susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

3. In-Office Fluoride Treatments Are More Effective Than Over-The-Counter Products

If you are at a higher risk of tooth decay, you may have considered over-the-counter fluoride treatments like gels, toothpaste, et cetera. Unfortunately, these topical treatments are not efficient in restoring the minerals lost by your teeth. When you obtain in-office fluoride treatments from your dentist, the fluoride dentists use is concentrated and contains more fluoride than is available in over-the-counter products or water. In addition, in-office treatments provide rapid results because they are more practical to strengthen your teeth.

4. Fluoride Treatments Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

When the bacteria in your mouth penetrate the enamel layer to expose the dentin, which contains numerous microscopic pathways directly leading to the dental pulp within the tooth. When the nerves are exposed, your teeth become sensitive to hot and cold temperatures besides causing immense pain and sending you to your dentist for expensive and painful treatments. However, if you decide to receive fluoride treatments from the Jackson dentist, you restore the outer protective layer of your teeth, making them less sensitive to hot and cold.

5. Fluoride Treatments Prevent Yellowing of Your Teeth with Age

Your teeth don’t just become brittle and susceptible to decay as you age. Unfortunately, they also become yellow. The yellowing is the thinning of the tooth enamel to expose the yellow dentin layer to make its presence felt. Thankfully fluoride treatments received at least twice a year help re-mineralize your tooth enamel to prevent the thinning process to leave you with whiter and brighter teeth.

As can be seen, fluoride treatments are essential from childhood and adulthood. Therefore do not forget to inquire with the Jackson dentist about how frequently you must have in-office fluoride treatments to strengthen your tooth enamel and experience all the benefits of receiving this affordable and money-saving dental therapy.

What Is the Optimal Method of Getting Fluoride for Your Teeth?

If you live in an area where fluoridated water is sufficiently available, you get sufficient fluoride levels for your teeth. Using fluoride toothpaste when brushing, you can also obtain the levels of fluoride you need. However, suppose you are at a higher risk of tooth decay and cavities. In that case, you may require in-office fluoride treatments provided by dentists as an effective measure in your battle against dental cavities.

The American Dental Association recommends professional fluoride treatments every three, six, 12 months for people at a higher risk of dental cavities. Therefore if you aren’t receiving optimal fluoride from topical or systemic sources, you can get them from the dentist providing in-office fluoride treatments in Jackson at the recommended intervals. Fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office require merely a few minutes with instructions not to eat or drink anything for at least 30 minutes to let your teeth absorb the fluoride entirely. The treatments aren’t inexpensive and will likely not set you back by hundreds of thousands but only cost around $ 50 or more to help you prevent the need for expensive treatments if affected by dental cavities.

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